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Widow brain is a stage after your spouse dies in which you'll likely feel as if you can no longer think straight. You might even begin to feel as if you're losing your mind. When you suffer such a significant loss, your mental capacity is affected in the first few months following the death.
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The mental toll of quarantine and lockdown. Reasons for stress abound in lockdown: there is risk of infection, fear of becoming sick or of losing loved ones, as well as the prospect of financial hardship. These are the people at high risk for long-term absenteeism from work due to illness and burnout.

Mental health clinicians traditionally viewed sleep disorders as a symptom of a psychiatric disorder, but research suggests that in some patients sleep issues may be a cause of the disorder.
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  • Furthermore, research has shown that family-based programs can also improve well-being for many people with serious mental illnesses. When you discover a loved one is ill, it's often hard to focus your attention on anything else. But it's important to take care of your own needs. Try to eat healthy meals, get some exercise, and get enough sleep.
  • Struggling with irritability. Feeling guilty, worthless, or helpless. Losing interest in hobbies or activities that used to be enjoyable. Struggling with fatigue or lack of energy. Moving and/or talking more slowly than usual. Feeling restless. Struggling with concentration, memory, and/or decision-making.
  • If you're in a marriage marked by mental illness, remember that educating loved ones and friends about mental illness can help them better understand the situation and equip them to provide much-needed support and encouragement. You can even invite family members to attend counseling sessions with you so that they can gain a better understanding of your spouse's
  • When you're divorcing someone with mental illness, it can be even more difficult. Mental illness can make it harder to negotiate and even communicate with your ex-spouse. If children are involved, it can be even trickier. This is why it is important to speak to a family law attorney who has experience dealing with mental health issues during ...
  • While a death does not have to be exceptional to trigger this condition, many of the symptoms of complicated grief are similar to those of trauma disorders. The loss of your spouse may be traumatic for you, and the right kind of therapy will help you overcome it. Trauma grief therapy will help you face painful feelings and memories in a safe ...