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The same week the CDC rolled out its new guidelines, it reported a national seven-day average of about 71,000 new COVID cases, along with 5,400 hospital admissions. Around 2,000 people were dying.
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COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all people age 5 and older, including people who are pregnant, might become pregnant in the future, are trying to get pregnant now, or are breastfeeding. See CDC guidance on COVID-19 vaccination for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding. View resources about COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant and.

The CDC announced a change to its mask guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most Americans do not need to wear masks inside right now. The agency changed its criteria for recommending masks.
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  • Mask Guidance. The best way to protect your friends and family and yourself is a layered approach: Get vaccinated, and boosted when eligible. Wear a mask when needed. Use social distancing in public. Surgical or procedure masks, like a KN95 or an N95, offer the best protection. Masks should fit well and have multiple layers.
  • The new CDC guidelines may encourage more people to get vaccinated with tangible rewards, but it may also add to the confusion of mask etiquette. Start the day smarter ☀️ Notable deaths in ...
  • It makes sense for the CDC to put in place shared metrics for understanding risk, says Khan, "and then locally [for communities] to make decisions to relax mask guidelines based on what the local ...
  • The updated guidelines come after many public health experts have been recommending for months that people wear more effective masks -- particularly N95s -- and that the CDC change its guidelines ...
  • Nordstrom. These washable, double-layer masks from Nordstrom, made out of jersey cotton, feature a tie dye print and a built-in cotton filter pocket. Adjustable ear loops with sliding straps help ...